More About Me

Why You Want to Work With Me

Please let me introduce myself and offer my services to you as they are needed. My name is Joelle Collins Bohart. I am a Real Estate Consultant* and I have been selling real estate locally for more than 20 years. I want to thank you for taking your time to review my real estate information and allowing me to be considered as your Personal Real Estate Consultants.


First off, we want you to know that this is not a sales pitch, however you do deserve an explanation between what I can do for you that is above and beyond what you would experience from a typical real estate salesperson. My main objective is to offer you the best information, options and my professional opinion then let you make the final decisions. There will be no high pressure selling tactics or gimmicks others use...only friendly, knowledgeable advice! Your needs and goals are my highest priority as opposed to real estate salespeople, who are typically interested in getting you into a contract and then getting out the door as quickly as possible so they can go on to their next sale.
When you select a Real Estate Consultant, you'll notice the difference. My business is based on delivering exemplary service to my clients.  It is also my philosophy to listen, hear, and truly understand your needs.  This is a service that business seems to have forgotten in today's highly automated society.  It is my job to understand your needs and to respond to them promptly, professionally, and with integrity.  It is because of this standard that I have changed my business to a consultant business.
According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, 86% of home sellers reported difficulty and confusion in the home selling process. This makes it even more important to choose a someone like me who will spend time with you through this complicated process when the time comes for you to sell your home.  


My team is 100% committed to serving your every need.  I pride myself on my well-trained support staff to help me. That being said, when you call my office, you will only ever talk to me. I answer my phone.  And should there be a time when I am giving my full attention to another client, I will return you voice mail quickly and efficiently.  This is one of the reasons that unlike real estate salespeople, my business is built from referrals.  It is a fact that people will only refer friends and family when they have had a good experience in a professional context, and don't you find that to be true?  My business has grown because we have consistently provided superior service and results, and I hope that you are so delighted that you too will tell your family, friends and co-workers about how we served you.  I hope you have already noticed a difference in how I treat you- and this is just the beginning!


With the rise in real estate prices it is important to protect your investment. That is why it is so important to find the right Real Estate Consultant/Broker to help you in your real estate needs. When you're buying, selling or refinancing your home, having the right knowledge could literally mean the difference between thousands of dollars, more or less, in your pocket up front and over the life of your home ownership! 
Your home is perhaps the most important financial and emotional investment that you will make in your life.  Knowing what to buy, where to buy, how much to pay and how to get the best financing rates for your home, can quite literally save you thousands of dollars.  The same basic principles are true to get top dollar when you're selling your home! That's precisely why you don't want to work with ordinary real estate salespeople. You deserve better!
From the heart, I want you to know that I am committed both professionally and personally to helping you save the most money possible when you buy, sell or refinance your home - and having you be pleased and satisfied with my service as well!

If you feel that it is in your best interest to buy your new home now or in the future I hope you will consider our expertise.
I feel confident that you will do your homework in selecting the full time professional real estate consultant to represent you, and that based upon your needs, you will make a prudent decision.
I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Joelle Collins Bohart
Your Favorite Realtor!